Next Project? A Lenten Devotional

I’ve been mapping out my sequel to In the Land of the Penny Gnomes for the past several weeks, but yesterday I came up with another project which will incorporate short-form fiction 1 – A Lenten devotional.

My idea is to write one short piece of fiction, probably under 1000 words 2 for each week in Lent. This piece will be read on each Sunday throughout the season. During the week the devotional will walk readers though several scriptures which will deal with the themes brought up in the story, probably using a variation of Lectio Divina. Each week will finish by encouraging readers to write a paragraph reflection, as well as a prayer.

The short fiction pieces will have a common thread, which I won’t give away here, but will otherwise be independent from each other. It will be challenge to write these pieces so they are both provocative and unique to one another, but sometimes that’s what makes writing fiction fun. As I come up with the stories I’ll also have to ponder which themes resonate with Lent, and how I want to incorporate the arc of Scripture into each week’s progression. Getting this project completed in time for Lent will be a challenge, as the season begins early in 2018, but not out of the realm of possibility. It’s the type of challenge I enjoy.

When completed, I’ll be publishing the devotional to Amazon 3, but the fiction pieces will appear in this space as well. Unfortunately, this also means “Fiction Tuesday” won’t be returning any time soon, though I hope “Fiction Sundays” will make up for this extended delay 4.

I’d also like to wish all my US readers a Happy Thanksgiving, and to all of you a joyous holiday season 5.

  1. I came up with the idea in the shower. Most of my good ideas come to me in the shower for some reason. 
  2. My rough draft for the first piece came out at 777 words. It made me smile. 
  3. At the very least. 
  4. No snarky comments about organized religion, please. 
  5. It’s my least favorite time of year, but I’m trying to be less bah-humbug about the whole endeavor. 

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  1. I think this is a marvelous idea! After all, what were parables? Stories to get people to realize an important spiritual lesson. That we haven’t used them more for devotions, let alone major arcs of the church year like Lent or Advent, is rather surprising.

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