Short Story Friday–Illumination

The tour had progressed like a number of others the student had been on. It was typical stuff, and the student sleep-walked through much of it.

Introducing Meditative Fiction

I’ve been pondering creative ways to do some guided meditation on Scripture for a long while, and the the combination of the pandemic and resignation from my communications gig has spurred my pondering toward implementation. I’m rather excited to see what will come from this, and I’ve included the introduction below. The preliminary print layout…

New Flights

The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced a number of churches to pursue new avenues for discipleship which leverages the world in which we live.


I created this image a couple of years ago, but I came across it this morning as I was searching my Lightroom library. It’s one of my early experiments with a displacement map, which applications like Photoshop can use to distort an image using contrast information. For one of my first experiments, I like how…

Advice to Churches, Part 2: Don’t Do It All

I’ve been involved in small churches for my entire Christian journey. For much of that journey I’ve watched Christians gazing at larger churches and pining over the “bigness” of them.

Political Evil

On a normal Wednesday I’d been unpacking yesterday’s fiction piece, but this is not a normal Wednesday. It’s not normal because yesterday the President of the United States rescinded an executive order which prevented the children of undocumented immigrants, brought into this country through no fault of their own, from being deported.