New Flights


The CoVid-19 pandemic has forced a number of churches to pursue new avenues for discipleship which leverages the world in which we live. While meeting in large groups in person is dangerous, for example, reaching out through phone and internet is not 1.

At the same time, as I intimated last week, it’s not good enough for me to attempt to replicate “normal” Bible studies or small groups through the internet. I don’t find those formats compelling at the best of times, and throwing them on to Zoom doesn’t fill me with excitement. This is a new world 2, we need new journeys.

At present I am working on two different discipleship journeys which will leverage the unique tools this world affords us. The goal of these studies isn’t to keep us apart from one another, or create an online facsimile of a system with which we are familiar. These are new flights—and so that’s the brand, “New Flight Studies.”

A butterfly prepares to take flight.

And now these studies have a logo, because nothing says “new flight” like a Butterfly after it emerges from its chrysalis. We’ve been cooped up for a while, but just maybe we’ve undergone a metamorphosis during this period without even knowing it. These studies may help us unfurl our wings and soar into new journeys.

  1. At least, not in the same way. Trolls aren’t a bad as a virus which has lethal potential. 
  2. Really, it isn’t. This world has been coming for decades, and arrived when the iPhone and Android gained popular appeal. But now churches can only ignore it if they want to wind up shuttering.