Commemorating in Final Cut

I spent Tuesday evening doing some experimentation as I tried to create a personal commemoration of the Eagles Super Bowl win.


When Philly fans heckle it’s really a test. We want to know, “Are you someone we can respect, even if you root for the other team?”

Fourth and Goal

And then came fourth down. Matt Ryan sprinted out, the Eagles defense swarmed, and the pass fell incomplete.

Snow Bowl

Yesterday it felt like our Philadelphia fate was going to happen again. Everything about the game seemed to be stacked in our favor. We were playing at home. It was SNOWING. We were playing a dome team. Any Philly fan could tell you, “Of course we’d be losing that game. Don’t you remember the NFC…

Hanging with the gang

My neighbors and I are baseball and football fans, so we’ve taken to getting together and watching games together.  Football has been the ideal gathering, because we all crash at someone’s house and enjoy the game.  It’s a lot of fun.  Yesterday we did a double-header, crashing at my house for the Eagles game and…