Snow Bowl

Yesterday it felt like our Philadelphia fate was going to happen again. Everything about the game seemed to be stacked in our favor.

  1. We were playing at home.
  2. It was SNOWING.
  3. We were playing a dome team.

Any Philly fan could tell you, “Of course we’d be losing that game. Don’t you remember the NFC Championship game against Tampa?”

So when we were down eight points, and amassed a whopping -2 yards in the first half it just seemed as though it was “business as usual” for Philly sports. When the Lions returned a punt for a touchdown and went up 14 points it seemed certain the day would not end well.

Then “business as usual” took the day off. I actually think it must have gotten buried in the 8 inches of snow which dropped on the field.

  • Our warm weather quarterback figured out how to throw in the snow.
  • Our offensive line invaded the Lion’s trenches and evicted their front four from the game.
  • Shady McCoy ran for more yards in one quarter than most backs run in a game.

Having grown up here, seeing the Eagles win a game like this boggles my mind. They can keep boggling it all they want.