Forgiveness is a difficult thing. It’s difficult because we want to make it about the person we’re forgiving, but it’s really about who we are and who we serve.


I’ve had several personal encounters with “Trump Conservatives” in the past several weeks which have left me disturbed.

Grieving a Saint

Saturday I was greeted with the terrible news that Rachele Held Evans had passed away. I’m heartbroken.

Weaponizing Jesus

As a minister of the Gospel I have to speak against any desire to weaponize the name of Jesus.

Creative Faith

I had a sudden inspiration on Good Friday this past week, could I convey the movement from Good Friday through uneasy expectation of Holy Saturday and the Joy of Easter through a series of composite images?

Self Revelation

“I didn’t know you could sing!” It was a refrain I heard quite a bit Saturday morning at ABCNJ’s annual spring training event.