This week I’ll be heading to an overnight clergy retreat. I attended this retreat two years ago and adored it, but missed it last year because I didn’t feel right leaving my wife home with Bump 1. This retreat is well-timed. I feel rather drained and in need a breather.

For me, a highlight for this particular clergy retreat is silence. We’ll spend much of one day free to commune with God as we feel led, but will not speak 2. We’ll even hold to silence when we gather for lunch.

Some people find silence difficult, but I cannot wait. There will be quiet, and that means I’ll be able to relax. I’ll go take some photos, read a book, and perhaps do some writing 3. I may even take a nap.

Whatever I do, my posture will be, “Lord, I’m listening.” And that’ll be enough.

  1. Especially since Bump wasn’t even approaching sleeping through the night this time last year. 
  2. No, singing is not exempt. 
  3. The writing is one I struggle with doing on retreat, as it’s “getting something done” and I’d rather use the retreat time a different way. Still, I find writing to be a wonderful way to commune with God, so I’m leaving it up in the air.