A Personal Artifact

One of my personality traits which springs from my love of history is a fascination with artifacts. This fascination also holds true with personal artifacts.

Goodbye 2018

With today being the last day of 2018 I am compelled to follow the bloggers’ unofficial code and share my thoughts on this past year. It’s been 365 days of near-constant transition, which has cut down on my writing 1, but I can’t say I’d give this year up for anything. Here’s the highlights. We…

Fourth and Goal

And then came fourth down. Matt Ryan sprinted out, the Eagles defense swarmed, and the pass fell incomplete.

Does It Blend?

Yesterday was ABCNJ’s Annual Session, which always does funny things to by blood pressure. But one thing is do appreciate is the wide swath of people who come out to the event.


I have to admit, this might be a strange image for “blessing” to anyone who has no history with the objects in frame. Why a choose a weathered chair and table to image this theme? It’s because these objects are from my childhood home. My parents are downsizing and have no need of this table,…

Suddenly Unfamiliar

The day I left for vacation was quite odd. My wife had left for Williamsburg the week prior for a Teacher’s Institute, and the day prior I passed my kids off to their grandparents. When I returned home, the house felt different. I’ve been on my own before when my family got to visit my…