A weathered chair and table, passed on to me from my childhood home.

I have to admit, this might be a strange image for “blessing” to anyone who has no history with the objects in frame. Why a choose a weathered chair and table to image this theme? It’s because these objects are from my childhood home. My parents are downsizing and have no need of this table, and the two chairs which accompany it, any more. Rather than see it put out in the trash, my family has given it a new home. I am blessed to have both a history to cherish and a piece of it to touch.

This morning, I set up my laptop on a table at which I sat for many years as a child and thought, “I am blessed.” Much as this has been passed on to me as a blessing, as have the lives shared around this table been passed on to me, so too does it remind me to live my life in the same way.

I’m far from perfect, and have many selfish tendencies, but my hope is always to live as a blessing for others.