Getting Fishy

This past Christmas I received a fisheye lens from my daughter as a present. It was a thoughtful gift, and I’m going to get some wonderful use out of it. I even got some lovely shots of the Delaware River.

The Arch

I’ve been enjoying the Meike 7.5 mm circular fisheye I got as a birthday present.

Fisheye Sunset

It was a crisp evening in the Delaware Valley, but it was so bright outside that I couldn’t help but take Bump for a walk. We headed down to the river, and as sunset was approaching I opted to take my Meike 6.5 mm circular fisheye on our walk. I’ve wanted to see how it handled sunsets.

A Change In Perspective

I’ve been playing with my new circular fisheye lens for the past few days and am really enjoying the results. Today I solved one of the difficulties I’ve been having while getting used to this new glass.

Going Defishing

I didn’t want to pursue a non-iPad solution to defishing photos, but Fisheye Hemi is just that good.


We had another unseasonably warm day in the Delaware Valley, so I took the opportunity to take my new fisheye lens down to the river to put it through some paces.