We had another unseasonably warm day in the Delaware Valley, so I took the opportunity to take my new fisheye lens down to the river to put it through some paces 1. I was able to capture some interesting photos as I practiced keeping the horizon in the middle of the field of view. My favorite is below.

I’m looking in a couple of options to “defish” the photos I take with this lens, but right now all the decent ones are on my Mac 2. I’m going to keep on exploring for decent options to defish on my iPad.

I’m enjoying this lens. The focus ring is very smooth and I love the stopless aperture ring. I am finding it difficult to locate the best way to hold the camera while using this lens, though, as the 190 degree viewing angle keeps finding my fingers!

Riverton Yacht Club from the shorline.
Panasonic G7 with 6.5 mm Meke circular fisheye • ISO 200 • ƒ/8.0 • 1/1600 sec

  1. I want to be doing astrophotography with it, but all we have is clouds at night
  2. It feels like a step backwards. 

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