In general, I have a difficult time trusting people. Folks may say this is an odd character trait for a pastor, but I’d contend that, on the whole, this has been a boon for me.


“You need to slow down and let your spirit catch up with your body.” That’s the advice my friend, Peg Horton, used to give me.

Feeling Loved

One of the reasons I used to enjoy acting is because I could receive audience attention without being in the spotlight. It was the character to which people were paying attention, little old me was just along for the ride. This might sound like a strange admission for a pastor, given I speak in public…

Freedom of Disagreement

One of the things I’ve learned to value is friendships which foster the freedom of disagreement.

Does It Blend?

Yesterday was ABCNJ’s Annual Session, which always does funny things to by blood pressure. But one thing is do appreciate is the wide swath of people who come out to the event.