Freedom of Disagreement

One of the more perplexing social realities in our day an age is the inability for people endure disagreement. Friendships, working relationships, religion, and especially politics all seek for absolute agreement. When disagreement is felt, or offered, the result isn’t a pursuit of wisdom or understanding. Instead, an enmity is formed in which everyone it absorbs becomes blind to it’s effects.

I am not perfect, I have far too many feelings of enmity in my life, both for people and ideas. Their presence in my psyche causes me a great deal of unease.

On the other hand, I have also fostered relationships with friends which enjoy the freedom of disagreement. These can cause tension, but from that tension my friends and I learn from another. And as we learn, we grow. Without these people in my life I’d be less than who I have become, and I’d certainly not feel bad about enmity with which I struggle.