Sleep, A Haiku

We begrudge the baby nothing, but it would be nice if both of use could get some sleep overnight at the same time.

September, A Haiku

The wave of September is crashing. Soon enough I’ll come up for air.

Weekend Stress, A Haiku

A stressful weekend. Much anguish, aggravation. Had no time to write. It’s amazing how two days of high stress, and no time to reflect, can be expressed in seventeen syllables.

Weary, A Haiku

It’s been a long week, and there isn’t any real space for breath in sight. So I offer this haiku. Today, I’m tired. I’m in the way of the world. Weary, I trudge on.

Illness – A Haiku

Still sick, so I decided to write a haiku about how I’m feeling. I love sabbath rest, but being ill is not restful. There’s so much to do. Family, writing, and work. Can’t do it. I’m sick.