Sleep, A Haiku


Sleep is a lost friend
Baby fussing, brain foggy
My wife is a saint

Not much to write. Last night was rough. I was up with Bump until 11:30 PM until 1:30 AM (I did cat nap a bit before 11:30 while Bump ate). Then my wife couldn’t get him settled to eat so she stayed downstairs with him the rest of the night. Bump either slept on her chest 1 or in a bouncy seat. She slept little, I should have set an alarm to relieve her after a couple of hours but my brain was not in gear. I’m “fortunate” I’ll be able to rectify that oversight this evening. We begrudge the baby nothing, but it would be nice if both of use could get some sleep overnight at the same time.

I am finding time to watch season one of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is both compelling and disturbing. I’ve been putting it off until I had a chance to read the book, but at 2 AM such desires don’t feel as important.

  1. He loves hearing heartbeats.