Cultural Memory Loss

The loss of cultural memory is something I find myself musing upon, a lot. I’ve written two novels, and published one, and the loss of cultural identity plays a role in both stories.

Those Who Fail To Learn From History…

I’m continuing to read Baptist, Jews, and the Holocaust and am discovering too many quotes from the early Nazi period which have echoes of how I hear religious folk defending Donald Trump in 2018. THE CENTENARY OF the German Baptists synchronizes with the re-birth of the German nation as a people. God the Lord has…

A Week in Music – “Testimony,” from the Amazing Grace Musical

I resonate with John Newton in temperament, even if my life never led me on a journey with the highs and lows his had. I’m stubborn, prideful, prone to laziness, and angry with the world in general. And, like Newton, redemption found me by the Amazing Grace of God.

Out With The Sheep

One of the local gems in our area is Pennsbury Manor. I got a great photo of a sheep.

Catching Up On My Reading

A full week of meetings depleted my energy for writing, so I took the time to catch up on some reading.