Those Who Fail To Learn From History…

I’m continuing to read Baptist, Jews, and the Holocaust and am discovering too many quotes from the early Nazi period which have echoes of how I hear religious folk defending Donald Trump in 2018.

THE CENTENARY OF the German Baptists synchronizes with the re-birth of the German nation as a people. God the Lord has given us, in Adolf Hitler, a man who recognizes the needs of the time and its perils, to subdue those that make for decay. As a force making for health, the German Baptist community has been recognized and used by the Third Empire and actively included in the process of renewal. Never before has our movement experienced so much in the way of public recognition and support as in the Third Empire, and to-day [sic] in Berlin. United by speech and blood with the German people and the homeland, in love for the Fatherland and in the consciousness of sharing the responsibility of the Gospel, with all its power in the work of building up a self-reliant State, in which a physically and morally healthy generation can live free and confident, contented and self-disciplined 1.

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