Taking Notes, Part III – Notes As Art

Many of us could remember scribbling in notebooks in elementary or high school. Beyond the scribbles of the person liked, the teachers joked about, or the shapeless doodles during yet-another-lecture, notes take on the personalities of their authors.

Taking Notes, Part I

I’ve seen a number of articles shared about laptops and tablets being detrimental to retaining classroom information. But are they?

The Art of Learning

I don’t know all that much, really. That’s not a statement meant to invite pity. In fact, it’s what makes life exciting. I don’t know all that much, which means there’s so much to learn! I adore learning. The art of picking up a new piece of software and putting it through it’s paces is…

Training Revolution

The buzz was running among Geeks this week Teens are bored with FaceBook. I’ve been saying for a while that the kids who grow up in the era of persistent-connectivity are going to naturally find boundaries with these tools. They don’t want to be overwhelmed with social networks, that’s what texting is for. The growing…