The Art of Learning

I don’t know all that much, really.

That’s not a statement meant to invite pity. In fact, it’s what makes life exciting. I don’t know all that much, which means there’s so much to learn! I adore learning. The art of picking up a new piece of software and putting it through it’s paces is both intimidating and exhilarating. The challenge of learning a new skill fascinates me. Diving into the deep end of a new topic of study gives me joy.

The wonderful thing is, every time I move into a new area I realize just how much of a novice I am. I’ve got something to strive toward. I have skills to learn and then adapt to my own needs and workflow. I have have tools to play with until they cease being aliens and begin to become extensions of my hands and mind. I’ve got possibilities to imagine and shape into reality. Learning is an art even more than it is a science, and it’s my chosen medium.

I guess I could sum up my mental state with an almost ridiculously simple statement, “To live is to learn, to breathe is to teach.”

Below is this video which occasioned this post. It’s a demonstration of some of the play time I’ve had in Apple Motion this week. It’s not for anything, and the images are whatever I had on my MacBook at the time 1. Compared to what professionals put out, this is extraordinarily simple. Yet, I am proud of it simply because it’s something I created through the art of learning.

The music is “Discovery Hit” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  1. That’s they the first image is such a low resolution, all I cared about was playing with camera movement and key-framing.