A Week in Music – Dr. Who Theme Song

I first encountered Dr. Who as reruns appeared on our local PBS affiliate. My father would turn it on and I would be lost in that wormhole with that fantastic theme playing in the background.

A Week in Music – Solsbury Hill

“Solsbury Hill” is introspective, transcendent, and reeks of unseen hope. It’s almost as if it was written for me. The song’s transcendence is found throughout, but second verse has obvious religious overtones to Jesus 1. It makes me wonder about Jesus’ state of mind as he began to feel the call to proclaim the Kingdom…

A Week in Music – “This is Me” and “How Far I’ll Go”

I know many writers enjoy immersing themselves in music as they write, but listening to music has never been a way for me to find that metal space where my words pour from my mind and through the keyboard into my work. It’s not because I don’t enjoy music, it’s that I enjoy it too much. When a song comes on which touches my soul I feel compelled to stop everything and just be. And, if the song is anywhere near my vocal range, I need to sing.

Street Music

One of the features which helps Colonial Williamsburg come alive are the random musicians in the streets 1. They play 18th Century tunes on instruments common to the day, and these lend a certain charm to visitor’s explorations. These three young men were sitting on the steps of the wig maker’s shoppe near King’s Arms…

The Horizon Ache

When T-Mobile made the move to free music streaming from my data cap I decided I’d give it a try. It might come as a surprise to people who know me, but I’m really not much of a music listener. I never understood people who were defined by the music to which they listened while…