Street Music

One of the features which helps Colonial Williamsburg come alive are the random musicians in the streets 1. They play 18th Century tunes on instruments common to the day, and these lend a certain charm to visitor’s explorations.

These three young men were sitting on the steps of the wig maker’s shoppe near King’s Arms Tavern. I spotted them playing as we approached the tavern for lunch and was afforded an opportunity to take this photo.

While this looks like a cushy Summer gig for a few teens, it is not. These three musicians are more than likely members of the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drums corps — and those folks train hard.

If you’re ever in Williamsburg and see a scene like this, stop and listen. It helps set the pace for the day.

Street Musicians at Colonial Williamsburg
Nikon D7000 with 40mm lens
ISO 400
1/400 sec
40 mm

  1. For folks who were hoping to find my Fiction Tuesday Post this morning, I ask for your patience. I’m decompressing from vacation and had a few photos I wanted to share. Will and Company will be back soon!