The Long March

#TheMoment I knew the pandemic would be changing everything.

DM Tales is Live

My new YouTube channel kicked off yesterday, here’s what I’m hoping to do with it.

A Pandemic Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. As Lent is a season which encourages introspection, it’s usually my favorite journey in the Christian year. I enjoy reflection, and the spiritual disciplines I’ve explored during this season have had a pronounced influence on my Spiritual Journey. I have to say, thinking about Lent this year…

The Things We Miss

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and, while in the grand scheme of things it’s a little thing, it was a reminder of just how abnormal things are.

Second Dose

I got my second dose of the vaccine yesterday.


This morning a FB group I’m part of had an article shared on it that, being GenX, I was prepared to read this and roll my eyes ⁠1. It was “Seven Trends To Watch in 2021.” There are portions of the post with which I disagree, but I also understand the reasoning behind why they…