The Weight

For the most part, I’ve managed the stress of the pandemic with a fair degree of success, but yesterday I felt the weight of it all.

In My Lane

There is a statment I’ll often make when I’m confronted by some technological problem which took me a bit to figure out. “I wonder what normal people do?” The answer is, often, “They call someone like me 1.” Then the pandemic washed over the country in March and I came to realize just how relevant…

Pale Rider–Reviewing the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

Soon after it became clear CoVid-19 was going to become a pandemic I decided I would take the time to read up on the “Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918. I’d had a bit of exposure to its history, as the church I was attending during college had served as a hospital during that era, but other than that I was in the dark. I needed to know more.


A rip-current is not a bad metaphor for our society right now. But what’s it got to do with Mr. Rogers?