Random Thoughts #118


It’s allergy season. In normal times I can just manage to hold a thought for several seconds before it jets off into the abyss. These days I can’t remember I had a thought in the first place, so I’ll just regurgitate some here for you all to see. These are random thoughts.

  1. One day I will write my Easter Sunday sermon before Lent. It’s really weird to write it during Holy Week.
  2. Love allergies, really. Love them 1.
  3. No, I am not worried about the Phillies after five games. Yes, I’m annoyed at the quiet bats.
  4. This week my 5e campaign failed to notice they set off an alarm, and then got surprised by some rather tough foes who downed a wizard right off. He managed to survive, and was then pissed off. It was an interesting time.
  5. Maundy Thursday worship 2, 7PM April 14 at Central Baptist.
  6. Moon Knight is a pretty wild show.
  7. My Play Cancer Away group entered their final crawl yesterday. They did some interesting moves, like spiking doors shut as they moved through the tunnels. But they also took a really long time and ended up facing several wandering monsters. They also forgot that doors tend to swing inward from the hallway.
  8. You ever just wake up in the morning and think, “You know, I’m just kinda done right now?” I hate that.
  9. I don’t want to have to go back to masks in worship. I really don’t, but if the infection rate hits 1.4 and positivity hits 5% we’re gonna have too 3. Can this blasted disease just be done already?
  10. Being a person entails missing a lot of people you’ve known over the years. Being a pastor means missing these folks in an official capacity.

  1. This is sarcasm.  ↩

  2. Next year we’ll get back to celebrating Holy Week better and commemorating Good Friday as well. We’re still getting used to time moving again.  ↩

  3. If you’re in the, “This is all a hoax” camp feel free to unfollow, unfriend, whatever. I have no time for stupidity.  ↩