Get a new compass

Yesterday a man was driving around Odessa Texas shooting people at random. Seven people have died. One of the wounded is a seventeen month old girl.

That Moment When…

I love the funny meme which people use to describe awkward or eye-opening situations, “That moment when…” I had one of those today.

Bump Dominates

I took the photo which forms the basis of this comic about a week ago.

Paying Attention

Monday afternoon we had to take Bump for his first doctor’s appointment. He was a bit dubious about the whole affair, given some of the things he’d gone through at the hospital, but all in all he did well. Since we were near the supermarket we decided to head out quick and pick up some supplies. It was Bump’s first outing!

Lessons Learned

It’s been three days since my life has changed. While it may just be a side-effect caused by lack of sleep, I feel I’ve learned some lessons in that time.