More Luma Fusion, A Bump FILM


Bump had his first real bath! I managed to get some footage, which I then imported into Luma Fusion to play.

My goal, other than to show off cute Bump 1, was to experiment with Luma’s title designer. As I pointed out last week, Luma Fusion has a splendid title designer which can handle text, shapes, and even images. These elements can be layered, resized, and adjusted in a myriad of ways – allowing content creators to come up with their own unique looks. I had a great deal of fun experimenting with the tools in the editor, but there was on think lacking which made me a bit bummed. While titles are able to be animated, the different elements which make up a title cannot given their own animations. Everything is either static together, or moves together. This is no doubt stems from the limitations of the app, which can’t handle more than three distinct video layers at a time, but it would have been wonderful if I could have given each title element a different key frame animation. It would have looked really cool 2.

As for the video, look below.

  1. I will always show off cute Bump. 
  2. I could build my titles in increments, exporting out three animated elements at a time, until I had the look I desired. This would be rather tedious, but it’s still cool that it’s possible


  1. Pegh says:

    Xwhat does Mama say she did the hard work. He is so cute , she should have a chance to show him off too.

    1. wezlo says:

      Mama doesn’t social network.

  2. OH MY GOSH HE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!! My inner-mom is all squishy at the sight of such cuteness. 🙂

    1. wezlo says:

      We agree.

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