A Scene in Old City

My wife and I headed into Philadelphia this week to celebrate our anniversary with a lunch at City Tavern. It was a great lunch, and it also marked Bump’s first trip into Philly! I love Old City. The combination of high end restaurants, mom and pop shops, old architecture, and historical sites is my ideal environment.


When Philly fans heckle it’s really a test. We want to know, “Are you someone we can respect, even if you root for the other team?”


Last night my neighbor and I headed out to Cooper River Park after Sunset. There, on a bridge which crosses the lazy river, we had a brilliant view of Center City Philadelphia.

Soaking in History

I enjoy soaking in history, and making connections between current impulses and what has transpired before us.

City Tavern

It was so nice to check “eat a meal at City Tavern” of my bucket list.