About Political Violence

Last week Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked in his home by a man who was looking for the Speaker of the House. This despicable attack has been widely condemned, and it is right that this is so. But…

Never Closed

I am incensed when I see people using my faith as a reason to ignore a public health emergency. It’s evil.

Stabbing our own brains

I have a long-standing disdain for the use of memes in political discourse. This is because what memes create isn’t discourse. Rather, they exist as flags which are stuck in the ground–and around them those who rally to the flag get to flip the bird at all detractors. I have no time for such things…

The Day After

It’s the day after election day in the United States. Some folks are celebrating while others are licking their wounds. Yet the call on the day after the election is often the same.

Getting Personal

As I’ve watched the local political races play out across social networks and in town discussions I’ve come up a good reason why I don’t endorse candidates for office, and *especially* for local office. Things get personal.