Winning Isn’t Enough

As people in my circles have become increasingly alarmed over the rising tides of xenophobia and racism wash over the country I’ve been seeing the question, “What can we do?”

A Spiritual Disease

Racism is a spiritual disease, does it have an analogy in medical science?

What is Patriotism?

I love to study U.S. History. It is a topic which yields profound insights into the human character – both noble and terrible.

A Real Crisis, Created By A Lie

As I was preparing for my presentations at the ABCUSA Biennial last Saturday, some news broke which made my blood boil. It’s a crisis created in my name, whether I wanted it or not. It can’t be allowed to stand.

Social Media Wars

So this weekend social media blew up with a video of what seems to be a jeering crowd of obnoxious white teenagers mocking a Native American man as he chanted. And social media went nuts…