Going Bananas

Watching the lame duck antics of Republicans in Wisconsin is stuff from which banana republics are created.

When And Where

When we see a migration of hungry and thirsty strangers in desperate need of hospitality the living Lord says, “I’m with them.” Are we?

No more MAGAbombers

So a suspect in the mailed pipe bombs has been arrested, and given a designation on social media, “The MAGAbomber.” Given both how the suspect adorned his van and the chosen targets, this seems like an apt description. Donald Trump’s rhetoric is like gasoline for angry people who feel themselves cornered, it was only a…


I keep calling for introspection. We keep getting tribalism.

Independence Day Reflection

Today is the celebration of American Independence and the beginning of the American Ideal. We’ve struggled to live up to it over the years, and failed great deal, but this is the first time in my lifetime we seem to have decided the ideal itself might be a bad thing.

Stuck In The Middle

Politically and theologically I’m a left-of-center leaning moderate. In today’s cultural climate this leaves feeling rather out of place.