Short Story Friday, “The Confrontation”

Note Today’s short story is based off the meditation for the second week of Meditative Fiction. It springs from Matthew 5:5-6 The story “All lives matter!” Eleanor turned her head to see where the cry had come from. She scanned the line of cars stopped at the traffic signal, and then caught the gaze of…

Damned Lie, A Haiku

As disturbing as the scenes in Kenosha are the response to them is, in a lot of ways, predictable.

I am, a Haiku

… the thing about the truth is, it sets us free.

Stop the Spread

This world is insane. I’ve always known this, but yesterday just gave me a headache.


I missed writing yesterday, there just wasn’t time and I didn’t have the energy. And yesterday evening hit and there’s almost too much going on for me to process any of it. But I can’t surrender my obligation to speak out, to do so would mean being complicit with evil.