A Spiritual Disease

Racism is a spiritual disease, does it have an analogy in medical science?

Why There Is Kneeling

With the arrival of the NFL season once again, Nike basing their new “Just Do It” ad on Colin Kaepernick, and yet another tweet designed to anger President Trump’s base, I’ve been seeing people post statements to the effect of, “I just don’t understand why they kneel and disrespect the anthem, the flag, and the troops like that.”

The Call to Love

I came across the above quote in recent days and it strikes my conscience as one of the great obligations for Jesus’ disciples in this world.


The last few days have been difficult, which is my greatest understatement of 2017. I have a few statements to make on the events of the weekend.

We Will Not Forget

Note The post below was written for the Central Baptist Church website. I am reposting it here because my voice is actually a little louder on Painfully Hopeful. The Message On Sunday, February 12, residents in a neighborhood not too far from Central Baptist woke to find hate literature in their driveways. The cards, disguised…

Just, tears

I’ve been away for a couple of days, so I programmed some posts to run while I was enjoying some vacation time. If anyone has been wondering why I’ve been oddly silent on the recent police homicides of black men 1, that would be why. And then I woke up Friday morning to read about…