Weaponizing Jesus

As a minister of the Gospel I have to speak against any desire to weaponize the name of Jesus.

Really? I need to write this?

I cannot believe I need to point this out, but it’s something which still needs to be said in 2018 and it’s to the shame of the entire human race.

Rethinking Roger Williams

This morning I finished reading Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul. It took me a while to work through the story as I gorged on fiction during a stressful late-summer and fall, but the book itself is an engaging read. My sentiments towards Roger Williams have not been generally positive in the…

Pastoral Expectations

Today I was out at a party where a member of central was also attending. At one point he joked, “I need to watch what I say, I'm sitting next to my pastor.” This brought forth a cry from the other side of the room, “Pastor's shouldn't judge, they can't judge you, pastors shouldn't judge.”…

Apparently People Didn’t get the Memo

It’s doesn’t seem to matter to folks that a wide swath of people voted for President-Elect Obama in the presidential election – some folks seem to have seen it as a mandate on who can and cannot participate publically in his inauguration.  The announcement of Rick Warren as the pastor giving the invocation is creating…