Really? I need to write this?


I cannot believe I need to point this out, but it’s something which still needs to be said in 2018 and it’s to the shame of the entire human race. Some idiots over in England decided that the best way to deal with their own fears and feelings of inadequacy was to declare April 3 “Punish a Muslim Day.” That link is to snopes, but this is not an internet hoax. This is really happening, and this idiocy would of course find it’s way to the US. The letters in the UK even went so far as to give point totals for different levels of “punishment.” It offered 1000 points for burning a mosque, 500 points for butchering a Muslim, and 250 for inflicting torture upon a Muslim. Encouraging dehumanizing depravity in the name of national identity is an old trick.

I cannot believe this needs to be said, but it does. This is evil, and if anyone who participates in such behavior is a minion of hell. It goes against the philosophical foundations of Western Civilization, undermines the very nature of Christ’s Kingdom, and is in direct opposition to the Baptist tenant of freedom of religion 1. We all have a lot repenting to do.

  1. So I got secular, theistic, and personal sectarian perspectives all working in one accord. That’s a rare thing of beauty. 


  1. Jamison says:

    I’m only clicking like because of you bringing this up, not because I like the idea… sigh

    1. wezlo says:

      Yah, comments offer more nuance, but I got what you meant because I know you.

  2. Frank says:

    This ancient evil will not go away soon. But we must let our voices be heard. All people are precious in God’s eyes, even the infiltrator of hatred. Love is the only power that drives out the poison of dehumanization.

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