Summer Vacation

After worship today I will be on vacation the next two weeks.

September, A Haiku

The wave of September is crashing. Soon enough I’ll come up for air.

Understanding Mental Health Days

Every now and again I take a “mental health day.” These are typically needed in one of two situations. After a major event in which I’ve been heavily involved. During a span of time in which my official time away from my vocation work are spread out 1. I treat mental health days as mini-sabbaticals,…

Moment of Peace

This weekend I’m in Long Branch at ABCNJ’s Annual Session, where I’ll be running the media. It’s busy weekend, with a lot of people 1, and it comes at the end of a very busy week. Friday afternoon was filled with an excellent inter-faith discussion on the nature of faith, evangelism, and charitable interactions. It…


My week did not begin on a high note. Spending over two days suffering from a stomach bug, and two more trying to recover, was not the most enjoyable experience. And yet, I find myself thankful. I’m thankful for having a family which let me rest and recuperate. Having two kids in the house over…