Moment of Peace

This weekend I’m in Long Branch at ABCNJ’s Annual Session, where I’ll be running the media. It’s busy weekend, with a lot of people 1, and it comes at the end of a very busy week.

Friday afternoon was filled with an excellent inter-faith discussion on the nature of faith, evangelism, and charitable interactions. It was an engaging time, but with so much coming up the next day I was ready to recharge by the time evening hit. So after dinner I wandered down to a local coffee roaster, picked up a cup of dark roast, and found a bench to sit and listen to the waves crash on to the beach.

It was glorious.

I often joke about being anti-social. I’m really not, but I certainly have a limited supply of “social interaction credits” before I need to be by myself. Sometimes I wish it were otherwise, but it’s not.

So I sat on a bench for the better part of an hour, enjoying the breeze and the sounds of the shore. It was a good way to find my center once again.

  1. AKA, “An introvert’s nightmare.