Can we try something new?

We’ve had three acts of domestic terrorism in the past two week. Thirty-two people were killed simply because they were out living their lives. We keep playing the same shouting match game after events like these. It’s time for something new.

I admit, I’m a bit scared

Monday brought the news of yet another school shooting, this time not far from Columbine High School. I was working at a Middle School the day of the Columbine shooting. I remember the haunted looks on the teacher’s eyes at the Middle School where I worked the day the Columbine shooting took place.

Social Media Wars

So this weekend social media blew up with a video of what seems to be a jeering crowd of obnoxious white teenagers mocking a Native American man as he chanted. And social media went nuts…

No more MAGAbombers

So a suspect in the mailed pipe bombs has been arrested, and given a designation on social media, “The MAGAbomber.” Given both how the suspect adorned his van and the chosen targets, this seems like an apt description. Donald Trump’s rhetoric is like gasoline for angry people who feel themselves cornered, it was only a…

The Only Way…

During my Junior year at LMH I was asked to give a quote for our yearbook.


I wrote this last night as the weariness of this world crept over me.