The Only Way…

During my Junior year at LMH I was asked to give a quote for our yearbook. Without thinking, I blurted out, “The only way to stay sane in an insane world is to be insane.” People asked me about it at the time. I explained that if the things which make up this world make no sense, but the majority of people chose to ignore the inconsistencies, then pointing these things out will make you look like you’re insane 1 – but also that this might be the most “sane” thing to do 2.

This is how I’ve tended to live my life. Though, given the current ethos of the United States, I confess I’m growing rather tired.

  1. Granted “sanity” is not a term currently being favored by mental health care professionals, but I said this in 1997. 
  2. I also apply this idea to myself. I find it funny when I point out flaws in my own self, only to be confronted by people who try to convince me I’m not that bad. I think people may be frightened by expressed self-reflection. 

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