The Things We Miss

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday and, while in the grand scheme of things it’s a little thing, it was a reminder of just how abnormal things are.

My Life At Present

I’m a creature of habit because I need rhythm to function. So what happens when the rhythm gets compressed?

Most Ridiculous Reasons To End Social Distancing

OK, we’re in day “what is time, anyway?” of the CoVid-19 quarantine. It’s a miserable time, this past Friday I had to get out of the house and took a drive in the rain. If you’re wondering how this is a sign of how much this season is affecting my psychology, allow me to point…

Oh The Stress

We will get through this, but some deliberation is required.

Weekend Stress, A Haiku

A stressful weekend. Much anguish, aggravation. Had no time to write. It’s amazing how two days of high stress, and no time to reflect, can be expressed in seventeen syllables.