Oh The Stress

We will get through this, but some deliberation is required.

Weekend Stress, A Haiku

A stressful weekend. Much anguish, aggravation. Had no time to write. It’s amazing how two days of high stress, and no time to reflect, can be expressed in seventeen syllables.

A Walk to Reset

September is always an incredibly stressful time for me. Labor Day comes and goes, and suddenly everything seems to wind up to full speed. For me there is one “wind up” which tend to cause me the greatest personal stress. The immanent arrival of ABCNJ’s Annual Session. I run the technology for this every year…

Life Storm

Perfect storm of life Allergies and Holy Week Daylight Savings Time Allergy season is upon us, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. During allergy season mental distractions become so acute my body tends to respond to them by either barking out in anger or running into a quite room to rock back and…