Most Ridiculous Reasons To End Social Distancing

OK, we’re in day “what is time, anyway?” of the CoVid-19 quarantine. It’s a miserable time, this past Friday I had to get out of the house and took a drive in the rain. If you’re wondering how this is a sign of how much this season is affecting my psychology, allow me to point out I hate driving. And I took a drive, in the rain, to relax.

But we’re seeing good things, as well. My town has been doing a great job holding things together, and folks are doing their absolute best to keep local businesses afloat. Our school district is distributing lunches to in need students, our local food pantry is fulfilling it’s mission, and one local restaurant is offering free lunches to food insecure people 1. Our local music academy is offing a free children’s music class, and is teaching a free guitar class for adults on Monday evenings–all while the owner has her heat turned off and reduced prices for online lessons by 50% to keep her faculty working.

Sure, beards are getting weird, and people are going stir crazy, but Palmyra’s story is like a lot of unsung towns in America. There’s a problem, but we’ll deal with it best as a community. Sure, we have people stress-venting on any authority figure they can reach 2–but stress makes people do strange things.

And unmanaged stress is, in all likelihood, behind this list of the most ridiculous reasons for ending the CoVid-19 quarantine. Yes, there’s hyperbole below. I’ve put links in my footnote commentary to show where most of these come from. Some are so prevalent on social media there’s no reason to do so.

  1. This is CoVid-19. The WHO had 19 tries to get this right and failed 3.
  2. I feel like I’ve lost a whole month of asserting my white privilege 4.
  3. Doing things for the common good isn’t the America I know 5.
  4. Who said human sacrifice is a bad thing 6?
  5. I don’t see why my opinion is any less valid than Dr. Fauci’s 7.
  6. Masks clash with my outfit 8.
  7. I can’t get my starbucks until they let my use my own mug again 9.
  8. What do medical doctors know, anyway 10?
  9. I’m not going to get the virus, so why should I stay home 11?
  10. China lied about how bad it was 12.
  11. This is a New York Problem 13.

  1. No questions asked. 
  2. Please, keep teachers in prayer. They’re often the only “authority figure” with whom stressed out parents have direct access. 
  3. Where to start? Maybe by pointing out the “19” is year the virus presented? See it here
  4. Interpretive hyperbole. But when you see pictures like this, it’s all too easy. 
  5. For the record, I grew up in a commonwealth. But protesters seem to think doing things for the common good is wrong
  6. Hyperbole again. But the Texas Lt. Governor seems to think that’s a good idea. Oh, and then there’s this person
  7. This is the American Crisis. Decades of being told that “experts” don’t know anything, compared to “common sense.” 
  8. I just made that one up. 
  9. If this were a map there would be an icon of me on it, with an arrow at said icon saying, “You are here.” Now that I’m not traveling up to ABCNJ I won’t be hitting Starbucks as much, but I want to go out for coffee dang it
  10. See number 4. 
  11. This is one every parent with a teenager has heard. Over and over and over and… sigh. 
  12. Too many social media posts to pull out any one link. China did underplay the crisis for too long, and they’ve got some explaining to do, why does that mean we shouldn’t deal with it well? 
  13. I read this in a Facebook thread. The author pointed out that news organizations are all based in New York, so they think what happens there is everywhere. They then asserted this was a “New York Problem” and said that everyone else should “go about their business.” It hurt my brain.