Sweet Sunset

The way the waning sunlight peaked through the caused it to appear thick, giving it an almost syrup-like texture as it fell to the Earth.

Just a smidge

The other night we had a sun shower hit just about the time of sunset. The light turned golden and I rushed down to the river hoping to be greeted with a rainbow. I didn’t have luck with that, but the view was still beautiful.

Sailing Sunset

Keeping my camera in spot metering didn’t yield captures which reflected “reality,” but the colors were SO worth it.

Down To The Sunset

Saturday’s sunset was beautiful, but my fellow shutter-hubbie 1 wasn’t able to join me. So we hoped we might get another chance to photograph a decent Sunset on Sunday. We got our wish. The wind had picked up a bit more than the previous night, but not so much it disrupted the wonderful reflection which…

Oh The Sunset

I glanced out the window about a half hour before sunset and shrieked, which freaked out my wife 1. “What? What’s wrong?” I was already lost in my head, bolting around the bedroom, gathering my equipment 2, so it wasn’t until I was bounding down the stairs that I managed to respond. “River! Pictures!” So…

At The River

It was an unseasonable 70 degrees in the Philly area today, so when I got home I suggested to my son we head down to the river to photograph the Sunset.