Always Test

I have a basic principle when it comes to running tech for any sort of event. Always test it first.


I dislike things like puzzles and brain teasers. I hear stories of people who do escape rooms and I cannot comprehend the appeal. When confronted with such things I sieze up in a matter of moments and bail. Perhaps “dislike” isn’t the best word to describe my relationship with puzzles, brain teasers, and the like….

In My Lane

There is a statment I’ll often make when I’m confronted by some technological problem which took me a bit to figure out. “I wonder what normal people do?” The answer is, often, “They call someone like me 1.” Then the pandemic washed over the country in March and I came to realize just how relevant…

Times Have Changed…

The last week or so the “10 year challenge” has been all over facebook. I wasn’t all that interested in participating, but after a few days I decided to look back at my profile pictures from my earliest moments on Facebook back in 2007.

That Moment When…

I love the funny meme which people use to describe awkward or eye-opening situations, “That moment when…” I had one of those today.

Changing Habits

Monday night we wound up in the mall and my son and I decided to explore the local Apple Store.