Times Have Changed…

The last week or so the “10 year challenge” has been all over facebook. I wasn’t all that interested in participating, but after a few days I decided to look back at my profile pictures from my earliest moments on Facebook back in 2007.

That Moment When…

I love the funny meme which people use to describe awkward or eye-opening situations, “That moment when…” I had one of those today.

Changing Habits

Monday night we wound up in the mall and my son and I decided to explore the local Apple Store.

Tech Inventory

I was in a discussion the other day about technology, and realized I haven’t upgraded any of my personal computing devices in a few years.

Future Tech

I’m pondering the future of my technology purchases.

Technological Shift

Last night, as I was preparing my slides for Sunday morning worship, a sudden though creeped into my head. Why even bother bringing my MacBook over to church with me? As I pondered this thought it occurred to me, there really is nothing I do at worship which requires a traditional clamshell laptop 1. My…