Tech Inventory

I was in a discussion the other day about technology, and realized I haven’t upgraded any of my personal computing devices in a few years.

Future Tech

I’m pondering the future of my technology purchases.

Technological Shift

Last night, as I was preparing my slides for Sunday morning worship, a sudden though creeped into my head. Why even bother bringing my MacBook over to church with me? As I pondered this thought it occurred to me, there really is nothing I do at worship which requires a traditional clamshell laptop 1. My…

A funny thing happened on the way to next verse

OK, there is obviously a story behind this image. I’m in charge of running the projection system 1 for ABCNJ’s Annual Session for the past few years. It’s a rewarding challenge, and my skills have grown as a result of my participation. But for a person who desperately wants to hide in a corner and…

“Always on”

 A few days ago my friend Elmo (no, not the one one From Sesame Street) posted this article on Facebook about the power of Introversion.  It’s a thought-provoking piece and, coming from the Philippines, one which spoke to my friend about the nature of Western Civilization (particularly the USA).  The scales in this culture are…

Thanks for the Memories

“To do what I do well, I need a Mac.” It was with those words that I requested to have a MacBook purchased for me by Central Baptist in the next year’s budget. I explained how, with the media creation and presentation we were doing at the Church, a Mac would make the work-flow easier….