Random Thoughts #134

It’s Wednesday, and I’m back at my “day job” so I thought it was time to carry on with my plan to take over the world through randomness!

I’m prepping my first in person game!

I’m prepping my first in person game! There is one particular problem, however, which I needed to overcome to make running an in person campaign work. I hate paper.

The Shattering

This is the base lore I wrote for a monthly in-person campaign I’m hoping to start in August. Enjoy. Long ago, there were four continents which made up the Quadrangle of Mythil. The four continents each developed their own cultures, but enjoyed the benefits of trade afforded them by the warm sea which divided them….

A Different Experience

A big difference in the experience between Video Game RPGs and Tabletop RPGs is how NPCs add flavor to the world.

The Wanders Return

This is a narrative interpretation of the first session for my PlayCancerAway mini-campaign.

A Dungeon Ambush

This story happened at my Basic Fantasy RPG table this past week. The party delved deep, and ran into some problems.