Random Thoughts #134


It’s Wednesday, and I’m back at my “day job” so I thought it was time to carry on with my plan to take over the world through randomness!

  1. When I complete the worship map I’m working on, readings will be scheduled through January 2024. That’s…weird.
  2. New GM trick, if a player can’t be at the table have their character miss all the action by saying they were off in the woods by themselves…we’ll say, “meditating.” The follow up role play in chat is so worth it.
  3. Whoever came up with the druid spell, “Plant Growth,” needs to have the description read to them and asked, “Do you know ‘over-powered’ means?”
  4. I’m very excited for the in-person TTRPG group I’ll be running, it should be fun!
  5. This fall I’m going to lead a book study, I think it’ll be “Jesus and John Wayne.”
  6. Are you a Christian misfit located somewhere in the rivertowns of Burlington, NJ? I know a group of oddballs you might enjoy meeting.
  7. I have a number of pastor friends retiring. It’s odd to look around wondering where “the adults” are, only to realize that’s supposed to be me 1.
  8. So, the Phillies are…good? I am so confused.
  9. We went to the pool this past Sunday, so that was nice. I’m looking forward to Bump learning how to swim so I can teach him how to dive 2.
  10. If you think there’s no oppression in the country, but still manage to carry a chip on your shoulder over the amount of “persecution” Christians are facing in the US, you should not be reading Revelation 3.

  1. Also, given how few GenX pastors are anywhere near me, it’s a tad lonely. 
  2. Also, I haven’t been off the diving board since he was born. That doesn’t feel like it could be true, but it is. 
  3. That’s how you get Tribulation Force


  1. Jamison says:

    Well, plant growth is only over powered if the enemies have zero range ability. That’s really what gave us the HUGE advantage in that fight. If the creatures had been lobbing spells it would have been a much different encounter.

    1. Wezlo says:

      Sadly, tracking hounds don’t have ranged attacks… but oh I might work on that.

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