Home for the Holiday

This week I am technically “on vacation,” though I’m not sure that means anything in pandemic-land.

End of the Month

Yesterday was the last of the four Sunday’s I had off in a row. It’s the longest I’ve gone between sermons since 2001, so in a way it was much like a mini-sabbatical. I more ways, it was not. This was the strangest vacation I’ve ever had.


Tomorrow is the last day of my Summer vacation, and as I look back I can say we didn’t “do” all that much. And that’s just what I needed.

Summer Vacation

After worship today I will be on vacation the next two weeks.

The need to read

Today marks the end of my post Holy Week vacation. I take this week off every year because I’m often not fit for human interaction by the end of Easter Sunday.

My Vacation Place

Summer is almost upon us, and my family is planning our [almost] annual trip to Williamsburg, VA. People often ask why we keep going back to Williamsburg and there are several reasons I can give 1, but it really comes down to one thought. It’s our place. When I was growing up, my parents took…