A Change In Habit

For many years my personal workflow remained the same, then… we had a baby.

I gave at the office?

Today I had an interesting insight. When I work in an office setting I tend to do what other people need me to do. When I work at home I tend to work on what I need me to do. Now, before you think, “Yah, I hate the office,” please notice the key word, need….

Mental Health Day

Friday my brain wasn’t working right. I was having difficulty concentrating, typing was excruciatingly error prone, loud noises made me jump, and when people spoke to me my entire body tensed up. This happens from time to time, typically as allergy season ebbs and flows through the year. It’s never fun, but the cure is…

Practical Traps

I was “at work” 1 the other day and had a sudden realization. Many of my co-workers don’t know me very well. This came as quite a shock to me. I’m friendly with everyone there, but in a lot of ways I feel I’ve been cast into the “computer guy” role so deeply that people…