Crazy Days

It’s been a crazy couple of days.

On Wednesday I headed out of my house around 10 AM so I could head up to North Jerry for a retirement party honoring a dear friend and co-worker. She’s worked at ABCNJ for Thirty-Nine Years, drives a hour and a half to the office every day, and yet still comes to work with a smile. I have enjoyed raising her paranoia levels for the past ten years 1, and will miss her a great deal 2.

Following the party I car pooled with some friends back to where my car was parked and hopped on to the Turnpike, during rush hour, to head over to Conshohocken, PA 3. The reason for this trip was an invitation to preach at First Baptist Church at Conshohocken’s Christmas Dinner and Worship. This was the first church at which I ever preached, so the invitation was both a great joy and honor. Thankfully, I know a bunch of back routes into Conshohocken or I may have never made it to the Church 4!

The dinner gathering was an interesting mix of some Baptist folk, a few Pentecostals, members of the Philadelphia Bible society, and a group of ten Roman Catholic Seminarians 5. My parents and sisters were also in attendance, which was pretty dang cool. We ate, we sang, we shared testimonies, and I preached. It was a great time, with some wonderful people. And it got done around 9:30 PM. By the time I got done with post-service chats and desserts it was a bit after 10 PM. It was also snowing.
I headed home with some caution, as the roads were beginning to grow slick, and was delayed only two times. The first was due to an accident which had closed the main road, and the second was for a bridge opening at the Tacony-Palmyra. I arrived home around 11:30 PM.

Needless to say, I’m wiped. I know people who run that kind of schedule all the time, and I cannot comprehend how anyone functions that way. My hat is off to them, even though I think they might need to get some priorities straight!

The fun continued to day as I assisted with some funeral preparations, wrote my sermon, and tried to stay away. I somehow managed to squeeze in time to help my son with a project and a shopping trip and dinner with my wife before we headed over to the High School Winter Concert. And now I’m really wiped.

I’ve got another week or so that looks like this. I’m kinda looking forward to Christmas Day, it’s the first day of a week off!

  1. You put a name up on screen at Annual Session, asking someone to report to your desk one time, and people just never get over it. 
  2. She lets me buy stuff, now I have to break in a whole new person. 
  3. You say it like it’s spelled. Seriously. 
  4. I do now know how people do long commutes ever day. Bleh. 
  5. One of whom is from Glenside, PA. So we talked up Rizzo’s Pizza. 

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  1. A crazy day, indeed!

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