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Thanks to the dilligent work of Larry, one of Central’s members (and Blue Claws Member), Central Baptist Church was featured in the “Neighbors” section of the Philadelphia Inquirer this past Sunday.  I mention this not because I’m happy to have the free publicity for the Church (though it’s kinda nice, I have to say) – rather, I mention this because of the way that Larry described the mission of Central.

Central Baptist seeks to involve its members and friends in the continuing story of the gospel by learning, living and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, the latter line is from Central’s “offical” mission statement,  “Learning, Living, and Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  I like it, I can work with a statement like that as we all move forward together in Jesus Christ – I’m glad Larry saw that it was included.  The first part, however, are his own words – and it does a good job summing up the message I’ve been preaching at Central for the past five years.  A message that that story of the Bible is our story – that we live and move and breath in it’s narrative.  That Larry managed to describe this message, and also tie it into our “official” mission-statment, is a great joy to me.  In fact, as you may have picked up in a recent entry, if the folks of Central truly understand themselves to be intimately part of the Biblical Narrative by the time I leave here – I will consider my pastorate a “success.”

So, thanks Larry – you help keep me painfully hopeful.

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  1. chris says:

    dang…i usually read that section of the inq each sunday, but just got rid of the paper. i’ll have to check online for the article. good answer…go Larry!

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