When failure goes deep

Churches have been through scandal after scandal during my lifetime. And each time a scandal unfolds, and Christians begin to critique the systemic failures which led to the scandal, there are many who stand up and say, “But look at all the good they did! How can you judge them when they do all that good?” The answer is, “Because you know a tree by its fruit.”

Star Trek Reimagined

This week I decided to do a one week trial of CBS All Access so I could watch season one of Star Trek: Discovery. I finished the season in three days, which speaks to the show’s quality, here’s my review.

A Bit Jaded

Last week I found myself in conversation with some friends about a new Bible app which was released recently. I won’t reveal the name, but my first impression is that, while the technology was impressive, it seemed like the app couldn’t help but further contribute to the snippetization of Scripture.

Making an imprint

In the next day or so I should have the cover art for *In The Land Of The Penny Gnomes* finalized. This is a life-long dream, now I just need to figure out how to market the thing.