Lecture’s over, the series begins…

Yesterday I did something that I’ve never done as a pastor, I lectured.  I don’t really feel comfortable lecturing in a sermon, which I believe ought to be a meditation on Scripture, but we’re beginning a series that required people to have some “world behind the text” data before we got underway.

By lecture I mean, “I didn’t meditate on one particular text.”  Instead, I laid out a brief summary of some of the religious and political upheavals that were going on in Jesus’ day (and shortly before).  Even though it was about 10 minutes longer than a “long” sermon for me (35 minutes), I thought it went pretty well.  It was about 90 degrees with high humidity as well, but I didn’t hear one complaint after worship (normally, someone would make a snide comment about the time and heat combination).  In addition to the sermon, I gave people a 12 page booklet that I put together with a bit more depth – hopefully, somone will read it.

I’m excited about this series.  The political implications of Jesus’ message, especially in how he was overtly political while refusing to accept the standard tactics of political activity in his day, is something that Christians need to take a look at.  I’m especially looking forward to spending some time linking Jesus’ call to leave one’s kin group to pursue the Kingdom of Heaven with the call to discipleship today.  This has a great impact on how we think of the Church.

I don’t know how much of sermon got recorded, my recorder went kinda wacko for some reason.  If we got it, I’ll put a link here to it – along with the booklet I put together for folks.